We founded Change Design Co. to meet the growing demand for premium, evidence based solutions to the issues faced by businesses in the modern economy.

Change Design Co. is the fusion of cutting edge behaviour change principles and the unique, functional aesthetics of design thinking. We combine our expertise in these fields to produce bespoke, artisanal solutions to the problems you face in your business.

Behaviour change, to us, is more than just a job; it’s a passion, a culture, a way of life. We invite you to engage in that way of life with us and explore the possibilities such a decision creates for you.

Our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction drives us to achieve the highest quality of service we can and we actively seek to refine and enhance the service you receive. We endeavour to always understand the specific needs of our clients and to produce from that the most effective, most efficient, and most refined solution possible.

We understand that each client is a unique person with unique aspirations and desires. It is this singular uniqueness that means each business requires personal consideration and indefatigable attention to detail.