Meet the team

Both Shem and Phil have spent the past 2.5 years working at the WEFO funded Wales Centre for Behaviour Change at Bangor University helping businesses and organisation create positive, powerful behaviour change solutions across a broad number of areas including;

  • behaviour based safety,
  • employee engagement,
  • improved communications,
  • staff well being
  • and improved employer-employee relations.

Now, through Change Design Co., Shem and Phil are bringing the unique skills and experience developed from this work to your business and organisation.

Philip Nelson

The Behaviour Guy 

Philip Nelson is a behaviour change specialist with experience helping businesses, local councils, and the NHS. He is currently working with the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change at Bangor University where he has lectured on a variety of psychological and behavioural topics including organisational behaviour change, self management, “Nudge” phenomena, and the power of reinforcement.

Phil portrait With a background in Behaviour Analysis and a strong interest in translational research he has helped many organisations make evidence-based changes to their business practice and culture.

Alongside behaviour change he maintains a strong professional and personal interest in politics, economics, and philosophy and always seeks to incorporate new and exciting ideas into his work and process.

Shem ap Geraint

Behaviour Change Designer

Shem ap Geraint Change Design CoWith a background in Product Design Shem’s interest in Behaviour Change began whilst employed as a user centred Designer at the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change, Bangor University. His previous case studies include working with organisations to improve productivity and well-being in the work place, encouraging sustainable life styles and increasing individuals activity levels. When not in the office Shem is most likely to be found up a mountain or on the sea.

Mae Shem yn hapus i weithio drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg neu’r Saesneg