Case studies & Clients

We are continually adding new case studies and updating out client list. Our on-going clients, on current projects include NHS Wales , NRW – (Natural resources Wales) and Bangor University. We look forward to posting case studies of our work with these clients as soon as the experiments are completed.

As well as behaviour change case studies we also offer training workshops in Behaviour change techniques. These can be based around our standard workshop model or designed to suit your organisational needs; if you’d like to know more about our workshops please give us a call.

food waste caddy bracket

Encouraging food waste recycling

recycle-leaves        stair-nudge

           Increasing recycling                                  Increasing activity at work 

Business productivity graphs        danger health and safety

Increasing communication effectiveness for businesses           Token economy for enhancing staff engagement

Bricks and mortar         HGV Lorry

Improving customer access to information                         Changing HGV driver behaviour