The dangers of Moral Authority

The bitter battle between Trump and Clinton made me ponder a common problem in business.

Let me explain.

The problem is not so much Trump vs. Clinton. It’s their supporters. The internet has given us a chance to free ourselves from a narrative-driven media. We now have a multiplicity of choices where we get our news and can comfortably confirm our own biases easily.

If you believe Trump is right then you can confirm this easily, safe in the knowledge that Clinton supporters are elitist shills, or globalist non-patriots, or just plain evil.

If you support Clinton you can be safe in the knowledge that Trump supports are deluded racists, angry nationalists, and white supremacists.

The Leader of Your Choice can therefore always remain correct and their opponents can be dismissed as wrong, misguided, or evil.

This is the danger of a personality-cult in business as well. It’s easy to assume that because you like a leader they therefore are always correct. In a business you can easily quell opposition and therefore maintain a narrative.

The solution to this is maintain an open process of decision making. A common practice is to allow people have a fair say – without judgement – before a leader makes a decision.

By allowing everyone with a stake to have their opinion known and considered they feel included and like they contributed.

Now if only politics was that easy to fix…

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